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Collinsville, Ct
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River City Art | KMcA Fine Art
​​​​ With over 30 years of creative practice, Kate McAllister continues to blend multiple styles, mediums and techniques to create her individualistic body of work. Intricate pen drawings, tiny paper cuttings, to large scale landscapes and murals, each piece tells a story through color, direction, and balance. Her extensive portfolio is added to almost daily and Kate is always seeking the next inspiring challange.
Teaching has also helped create a renewed perspective, and by integrating after school classes into her time in the studio, it has inspired Kate's style to continue to evolve. Being reminded every day, the significance of the values and skills it takes to create a single piece of fine art. 
My Studio, River City Art, began in September 2010, in Collinsville, Ct. It is a one of a kind teaching studio, focused on fine art, where students are encouraged to try any and all mediums while working on mastering basic skills leading to developing a personal style. 
I teach them creative thinking and how to explore their imagination. I teach them perspective and how to alter it. I instill the value of determination, taking a risk and dedication. My student artists learn problem solving and how to take constructive criticism. They develop confidance and accountability. They learn non verbal communication skills and how to focus on the task at hand as well as collaborating and sharing responsibilities. 
I strive to provide a worthwhile artistic experience where no two ideas are the same. With attention to detail, spatial awareness and the ability to use multiple mediums and styles, the students at River City Art continue to set the bar higher and their work continues to impress even the most seasoned artists 
"Art teaches nothing except the significance of life"​
Henry Miller